Since it's launch, Mindfulness Techniques for Children & Young People is now being used by practitioners throughout the country and beyond. 

Read what people have said about the book below. 


Gillian Ruddock, Educational Psychologist, West Lothian Educational Psychology Services said: 

"Mindfulness Techniques for Children & Young People is an excellent book that has a wide range of applications with children and young people. 

In addition to clearly explain what mindfulness is, there is a very accessible chapter on the development and regulation of the stress response system which is a must-read for everyone working with children and young people.

The comprehensive nature of the book allows it to be used independently by adults working with children and young people, or with additional consultative support from Stan. 

I'm excited about the potential impact the approach could have in schools, and I would highly recommend this book to you!"

Fiona McKerral, headteacher, St Mary's Primary School, Bathgate said: 

"Stan's book has given our staff an excellent understanding about how mindfulness techniques can impact positively on children's health and well being. It provides guidance on how to design a mindfulness programme tailored to suit the needs of individual children. 

Examples of work with the Royal Blind School provided insight and enhanced our understanding. As a result of the book, we know use mindfulness techniques daily in out school and look forward to measuring the positive impact this seems to be having." 

Alison McFarlane, headteacher, Gartcosh Primary School said: 

"In Gartcosh Primary we are committed to a programme of mindfulness in supporting our children, parents and staff. I am pleased to say that Stan has been a great support for us on that journey, offering us a wide range of techniques and tools to complement our growth mindset approach.  As a staff group, we are becoming more aware of the impact of adverse childhood experiences. Mindfulness can and does make a difference. Stan has trained all of the staff within the school. As a result we have a greater understanding of the impact of stress on children and a greater recognition of the need to engage quickly and sensitively when a difficult situation arises. Our approach now includes the use of mindfulness techniques.

 Stan has worked with our children and been a mentor for the whole school, equipping us with a wide range of mindfulness exercises. He has supported us in creating a programme of mindfulness in the classroom and the techniques that he has taught the children and staff are supporting behaviour and learning across the school. It is making a difference. It does make a difference. Simple exercises, big impact.  

I would highly recommend his book to you."