Attachment and Attachment Theory

Attachment is not just another word to describe relationships - it is a behavioural system, organised around our need for comfort, security and safety.  The Attachment system shapes our emotional stability, our self image, our attitude towards others and how we react to stress.  It is key to the development of Empathy and Resilience in Children.  Attachment Theory provides us with key constructs which can inform our understanding of how we organise our thinking, our feelings and our behaviour.  Our workshops are designed to offer and understanding of the above for all those working with children and young people.

Our Range of Workshops include:

Attachment in Practice for Early Years Workers

Attachment in Primary School - the Teacher as Attachment Figure

Attachment and Brain Development - how learning begins at birth

The Development of Empathy and Resilience in early years and the primary stage

Working with Loss, Separation and Trauma

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