Mindfulness Techniques for Children & Young People: A Practical Guide


I had already been working with schools and various projects on the use of Mindfulness in both Stress Reduction and Anger Management when I was approached to write this book. I was delighted to be given the opportunity to share my work with a wider audience and to offer people an opportunity to increase their understanding of Mindfulness and what practising these techniques with children and young people could achieve.

I also wanted to ensure that my book would offer readers something that would genuinely impact on and inform their work with children. As a result, I spoke in some depth to a number of schools I had worked with and a range of people who had attended my workshops and training courses. I am therefore most grateful to the teachers and Head Teachers, the Educational Psychologists, project workers, foster carers and many other who helped me to work out the type of book on Mindfulness which would be of most use to practitioners generally.

The book therefore contains chapters on what Mindfulness actually is, where it originated and how it has developed from concept to working model. I have also tried to offer readers a working definition of this thing we call “stress” –how it develops and how it impacts on us both physiologically and psychologically.

In addition I include five chapters, with illustrations and instructions, which with a little practice, can be used with children in schools, in projects and at home. I have also included a chapter on the fantastic work on stress reduction undertaken by staff at the Royal Blind School in Edinburgh as some initial evidence of how Mindfulness can be of benefit to a wide range of children and young people.    


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